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Beautcamp Workshops

We offer classes to teach makeup self application. Apply skincare, makeup and trends with confidence!

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Beautcamp, our version of bootcamp classes, are offered both in person and virtually, to teach makeup self application.

You can join us in a class we’re hosting, arrange your own group of friends (girl's night!) and host your own, or request an individual lesson.

The classes are approximately 90 minutes in length, educational, relaxed and fun. We do not sell products. We are offering tips and techniques to help you have confidence in purchasing from whichever company fits your budget, and applying your own skin care and makeup.

Look below to see which Beautcamp you’re interested in.

Can't wait to see you!


Skin care Beautcamp -$60-

topics: What is so important about skincare? Where do I start? What tools do I need?

best for: those new to investing in their skin, those looking for a change, new mommies, tweens and teens, maturing skin


10 minutes and under Beautcamp -$60-

topics: How can I look my best in 10 minutes or less? What should I personally focus on?

best for: those new to makeup, those looking for 'makeunders', the "I'm too busy's", new mommies, mommies with toddlers, teens and tweens


highlighting & Contouring Beautcamp -$80-

topic: What is highlighting? What is contouring? Do I need it? How do I do it? When is it appropriate?

best for: those that are looking to try something new, those that are curious about the trend, those that already have the makeup basics down and are looking to amp up their skills


date night beautcamp -$80-

topics: What are some good date night looks? How can I finally conquer the elusive smoky eye? Does lighting make a difference? How can I take my day makeup to night?

best for: night life lovers, those who dine, those attending a special event, wives, mommies, those that have the basics down and are looking to amp up their skills