"Its Fun being a Girl... Great being a Woman!" - Synett Baker

Winging it

What is going on with this eye? Have I been in a fight and lost? Have I been crying profusely and smeared my mascara all over resulting in raccoon eye? Obviously neither of these things have happened but it sure looks like it!

Trying to create a cat eye can be a troubling process. It seems so easy! Yet, in some weird unsettling way, it's far from it! What exactly am I doing wrong? I take my angle brush and dip it in the charcoal black liquidy gelly stuff. Next I get really close in the mirror, close enough to notice the new pimple right next to my nose...hmmm, I need to pop that! Wait, I'm getting sidetracked, back to my cat eye.  The YouTube tutorial said start in the corner and go out. Ok done. But wait, that looks a little crooked, I'm just going to make the line a little straighter. Oh shucks...the tip isn't sharp enough, let me go over it once more to even out the....is that an eye booger in the corner? How did I miss that? (Removes eye booger and smears a little eyeliner) I'll fix that, let me draw another line. Just one more line. One more line and I'm done, right after this line. I think I've done it! But, it doesn't look exactly how I thought it would. Looks more like Ray Charles took a stab at makeup artistry. Why do I always try to start a new look right before I have somewhere to go? Typical.

I'll keep practicing.