"Its Fun being a Girl... Great being a Woman!" - Synett Baker

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The Search That Never Ends

Finding balance has been a real struggle as of late. I have had to stop and evaluate some things. This is what I came up with. I thought I would share in case someone else out there is feeling all high wind cycloney like me.

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A New Endeavor

I don't like the politics of retail or the disingenuous approaches that have been scripted that make me feel awkward, scoped for naivety, harassed to hold some type of "party" and then scorned for saying no, than empowered, confident and trusting. That has not changed. What has?

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Looking Back

It's easy to dream and come up with ideas, at least for me it is. I once had an employer tell me, "When you die I'm going to put 'I have an idea!' on your tombstone. "

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