"Its Fun being a Girl... Great being a Woman!" - Synett Baker

Can I Pull That Off?

A while back my sister wore this purple lavender lip color and she was radiant! It wasn't too much. It didn't slap me in the face when I saw her. I wasn't staring at her lips the entire night. Her lashes were lush. Her foundation, flawless. Hint of blush, perfection. I was inspired!

A few days later I'm roaming through the beauty aisles in Target (I do this often), and a glint of lavender pops into my peripheral. I turn and there is the same shade my sister had on! What do I do?  Should I get it? Mmmm, that's not really your style. But, she looked so cute. I should get it! You don't want her to think you are trying to take her look, do you? Nah! If she were here, she would tell me to buy it! Then I looked at the price. It was on sale! Of course it was, right? So, I grabbed the purple and several of the other shades that were pleading with me not to leave them behind.

At home in the bathroom I was excited. Giddy, actually. I have been stuck in a non style lately and this was my chance to rediscover myself. I didn't want to seem too eager so I tried on one of the other colors first. (Yes, the lipsticks could sense my longing to belong.) First shade. Ooo! I like it! Second shade, meh. I could take it or leave it. Third, lavender! Hands shaky. Lips a little tender from scrubbing off the other colors. I pull out the wand (it was liquid lipstick) and put it to my lips. It glided on soft, smooth, weightless. I immediately... hated it. Ugh! Not cute! Aww man! I really wanted this lipstick to look amazing. If it did I would feel prettier and maybe wear my hair down instead of always putting it up in a top knot and I would dress cuter and have matching underwear and be two sizes smaller because of all the walking I would do and all the smoothies I would drink at a café I drove to in my cute, clean car with no need to hurry because my schedule would not be as hectic and my house would be clean and organized and my son would be with me happy and quiet, reading a book while snacking on a veggie fruit medley of some sort. Dumb lipstick!

Obviously, the lipstick caved under the pressure to transform my life. Ah well! I started to rub it off. Oh. Hey. Wait. That doesn't look so bad. Rub a bit more off until the pink of my lips show through. Ooo! Not bad! I need some foundation. (pat it on) I need some mascara. (wiggle and pull) Just a bit of blush. (fluffy brush for the lightest application) Oh! Nice! I like it! (cheese in the mirror)

Moral of the story? Be inspired. Be brave and try new things. Be realistic. It might not work for you the way that it worked for someone else but can you adapt it to fit you? If you can't, ok. Move on. At least you tried it. This goes beyond lipstick, by the way. Take the time to invest in you. You might surprise yourself! Oh, and sometimes (only sometimes) lipstick WILL transform your life.