"Its Fun being a Girl... Great being a Woman!" - Synett Baker

Aloe - The Love Affair


Oh, Aloe. How I love thee!

Not only is Aloe a cool plant that provides easy and aesthetically pleasing décor, but it’s so good for us as well.

When you were little and touched the light bulb and burned your finger, that really cool Auntie in your life went and snapped off a little of the Aloe plant and squeezed the jelly inside on your finger. It felt instantly cooler and after taking off the band-aid that you insisted you needed and wore way longer than necessary, there wasn’t a blister or even a mark!

Aloe - The Healer

Your skin is oily. You run in the opposite direction of moisturizers because the thought of putting cream on top of the oil already there makes your stomach clench in horror! Plus, the disco ball of it all. Good news! There is a difference between moisturization and hydration (blog post coming soon), and ALL skin needs hydration. Aloe increases the water content in your skin, keeping it hydrated. No greasy look for you!

Aloe - The Hydrator

You feel a bit sluggish and heavy. You know you probably need a cleanse … but, who doesn’t want to eat for two days or even 12 hours?! Add Aloe Vera juice to your smoothies or juice. Some drink it straight… because I use it in my hair, the smell psyches me into thinking I’m drinking hair products, therefore I mix it with something. Orange juice is my favorite.

Aloe - The, ahem, The Cleaner Outer

Hair dry, limp and dull? Curls thirsty and lackluster? Aloe provides shine, hydration and even soft hold! Use it straight or add additional ingredients for a DIY hair mask or gel. I dilute Aloe juice with water in a spray bottle and spray onto my son’s and my curls then add our products. Hmmm… just got a tutorial idea!

Aloe - The Thirsty Tresses Quencher


Want your brows to stay in place?

Aloe - Brow Gel

Want a makeup primer that’s actually beneficial for your skin?

Aloe - Makeup Primer

Baby has a bit of diaper rash? Spray on Aloe and then apply cream



Wrinkle fighter?


Healthy mouthwash?


Bug bite?


Inside and out. Top to bottom. Aloe is it!

… unless you’re allergic. Then, aloe would not be it…