"Its Fun being a Girl... Great being a Woman!" - Synett Baker

Let me Introduce myself...


Scrolling through photos to use for an introduction (for those that don’t know me yet), I stopped at this one because, although it is not the most glamorous photo of me, it is a very real picture of Synett. The story behind the photo is where you’ll find me. So, here goes… Don’t judge. :)

1) I was fresh to the state of Washington with my family. My husband took a temporary assignment with his job, which felt like a total blessing because we had wanted to move that way. We were a little fearful due to distance from friends and family. (We were moving from the Atlanta, GA area.)

  • I have a sense of adventure … with calculated leaps of faith.

2) We had gone to see the corporate apartment in Tacoma we would be in for the next six months and it wasn’t really what I had envisioned. The apartment itself was great! Nice and cozy. The area it was in took a bit more of getting used to.

  • I’m a dreamer. Take it with the good and the bad.

3) My husband looked up a cool coffee spot (that wasn’t Starbucks) and he was excited to try it. Our first authentic coffee place in Tacoma!

  • I love trying new places! The more original the better.

4) We pulled up to the spot and I saw young artsy people out front talking, inside talking, laughing, reading, working, enjoying life. Hubby parked the car, looked at me with excitement in his eyes and asked if I was ready to go in!

My heart started pounding, hard! My thoughts gave way to self doubt and insecurity. “I don’t fit with this crowd. They are too hip and too cool!” “Everyone’s going to stare because of how obvious it is that I do NOT belong.” “If I don’t belong here do I belong in Washington at all?!” “ Did we just make a HUGE mistake coming all this way?!” Tears free flowed.

  • I battle anxiety and low self esteem daily and as much as I strive to be authentic and original there are times where I’m not comfortable with standing out.

5) My husband softly said “ Let’s go somewhere else. We can try this place another day. Where do you want to go?” Me, “Can we go somewhere close to the water?” Him, “Yeah! Let’s do it!”

We went downtown Tacoma, found a coffee place we had never been to or heard of, walked around, enjoyed the view of the docks and water, old historic buildings and laughed. I took a deep breath and knew it would all work out.

  • I have an amazing support system!

And, just a few extras…

  • My family is vital.

  • I have an eternal affinity for large bodies of water. They calm and inspire me.

  • Looking like a wild child is my favorite. It’s the bohemian in me. My great grandmother came to the U.S. from Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, so maybe it’s hereditary?

  • 80% of the time my hair is not done and I am makeup free.

  • I am a survivor of traumatic events.

  • I am a Creative. I think in verse, song, and color.

  • I am a DIY’er

  • I love beauty and depth

    • in words

    • in thoughts

    • in people

    • in souls

So, hi!